A Comprehensive Guide to Diamonds, Zircon, and Lab-Grown Diamonds

20 April, 2024

            A Comprehensive Guide to Diamonds, Zircon, and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Jewellery brand Jade Artisan has long been dedicated to blending classical tradition with contemporary aesthetics, delicately presenting the splendid beauty of nature to the world, evoking timeless emotions for you and your cherished ones. We understand that gemstones are not just exquisite adornments; they serve as vessels connecting people to emotions and memories, much like gold, silver, jade, and the resplendent diamond.

In this blog, we will discuss diamonds, zircon, and lab-grown diamonds, delving into not only different gemstones and their prices but also distinct craftsmanship and value perspectives. 

Diamonds, Zircon, and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds (Natural)

Formed deep within the Earth, diamonds are primarily carbon, crystallized under extreme conditions to exhibit unique radiance and hardness. The value of diamonds is typically assessed using the 4C standards (Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity), with each criterion highlighting the characteristics of diamonds. 


Zircon (Natural)

Zircon, often confused with synthetically produced zirconia, is a natural gemstone valued for its beauty and optical properties. Unlike its synthetic counterpart, zircon comes in various colors and showcases brilliance and fire that can rival diamonds.

green leaf pendent decorated with zircons and with silver chain included

Green Jade Leaf Pendant - Diamond-encrusted natural green jade
, features zircon 

Spring Sonata Green Jadeite Bracelet - Natural Green Jade with Zircon

Violet Flickering Dragonfly 2 in 1 Jadeite Pin - Natural Lavender Jadeite with Colorless and Pink Zircon

Lab-Grown Diamonds

In recent years, technological advancements have led to the rise of lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds. These diamonds are created in a laboratory by simulating the natural processes of the Earth, arranging carbon atoms in a crystalline structure. Due to the controlled manufacturing process, lab-grown diamonds offer unique advantages in terms of quality and price.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Natural Diamonds vs. Zircon vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds


Natural Diamonds


Lab-Grown Diamonds


High cost, complex extraction and processes.

More affordable than diamonds.

Lower prices compared to natural diamonds


Extremely high hardness, one of the Earth's hardest substances.

Fairly hard but still lower than diamonds

High hardness, close to natural diamonds.

Colour Selection

Naturally occurring, limited colour choices due to mineral impurities.

Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors due to its nature.

Controllable manufacturing offers a variety of choices.

Manufacturing Process

Formed in extreme environments over millions of years, uncontrollable.

Mined from the earth without any synthesis required.

Controlled artificial synthesis process, more eco-friendly.

Optical Effects

Comes with unique natural brilliance that is challenging to replicate.

Comes with strong brilliance and fire, can mimic diamonds.

Optical effects close to natural diamonds, difficult to distinguish.

Environmental Impact

Extraction and refining processes have a certain environmental impact.

Less impactful than traditional diamond extraction.

Reduced the need for mineral extractionmore eco-friendly.

Rarity and Value Perception

Highly valued with historical significance.

Valued for its beauty and natural origin.

Lower prices than natural diamonds.

Versatility and Design Flexibility

Limited shapes and sizes due to natural formation.

Natural gem with good flexibility in design.

Offers controllable shapes and sizes.

Style and Fashion Adaptability

Classic and timeless, with occasional perceptions of being traditional.

Adaptable to both traditional and modern designs.

High adaptability, catering to various styles.


How to Authenticate Gemstones

Professional jewellery appraisers play a crucial role in authenticating gemstones. Armed with both expertise and advanced technological equipment, they delve into the microcosmic world of gemstones, ensuring consumers acquire genuine treasures. This process is not merely technical; it is an art—a discipline requiring years of experience and specialised training.

Microscopic Inspection

Utilizing microscopes is one of the most common tools appraisers employ. Through high-magnification lenses, appraisers meticulously examine the surface and interior of gemstones. Natural diamonds may exhibit tiny gas bubbles and other natural features that are challenging to replicate, while artificial diamonds may show traces of the manufacturing process, such as spots and gas bubbles.

Optical Characteristics Examination

Optical characteristics are one of the unique fingerprints of gemstones. Natural diamonds boast a distinctive radiance owing to the special properties of their crystal structure. Using optical instruments, appraisers observe how gemstones perform under different lighting conditions, enabling them to determine their authenticity. Although artificial diamonds may resemble natural diamonds in optical effects, skilled appraisers can discern subtle differences, aiding in identifying their origin.

Hardness Testing

Hardness serves as another crucial criterion for authenticating natural diamonds. Diamonds are renowned for their extremely high hardness. Appraisers use hardness testers to evaluate a gemstone's resistance to scratches. While natural diamonds typically excel in this regard, artificial diamonds, although highly durable, may exhibit slight variations under certain conditions.

4C Standards

For natural diamonds, the 4C standards (Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity) remain essential assessment tools. These criteria not only determine the diamond's appearance but also reflect its overall quality. Natural diamonds, owing to their unique natural formation, often excel in these aspects, enhancing their value and collectibility.

In conclusion, natural diamonds, with their high hardness and unique optical characteristics, possess irreplaceable preciousness and commemorative value due to their distinctive natural formation processes. These qualities make natural diamonds a timeless choice in the world of jewellery, symbolising the fusion of history, love, and unique worth.

At Jade Artisan, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality jewellery. We understand that each gemstone carries a unique story, and this is precisely what we seek to capture—beauty and value that resonate with each individual.

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