About Us

Jade Artisan is a boutique jade jewelry store with over 30 years history crafting beautiful, timeless jade jewelry pieces across two generations. Originating in Taiwan, it is now run by the founder’s daughter Vega and her husband.


My mother came from an antique business family. Lots of her uncles and aunties were running antique businesses in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1989 with my father they opened an antique boutique, “Da Han Artisan”, in one of the most established Asian antique malls in Taipei. As the business expanded, they added another small branch at the same floor. And In the late 90s, they opened a third store on the famous “antique street” - Lishui street in Taipei. They devoted their entire lives in the antique and jade jewelry business. 


When I got married in 2019, my parents gave me some really precious jade jewelry as wedding gifts. My British husband, Will said to me, “Wow these jewelry are stunning! How come you never thought of continuing your parents' business? Jade jewelry is so beautiful and every piece comes with a unique story. I am sure even people with different cultural backgrounds would fall in love with it.” 


His sincerity and passion really touched my heart. I realized jade can be redesigned for our generation, and it deserves to go onto the international stage. We renamed the company Jade Artisan and registered it where we met and started our lives together - Geneva, Switzerland - the jewelry capital of the world.


Beautiful art is just like love. It is an universal language. It goes beyond culture, language, and geographical boundaries, to move our hearts. Jade Artisan takes 30 years experience, alongside our artisans and craftsmen, bringing together the finest jade, diamonds, gold and other precious stones to design and craft luxurious authentic jewelry for today’s world, for you.