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Pampered Panda Bespoke Pin

Panda are well known for their cuddly balanced nature and in China they’ve long symbolized the harmony between yin yang. Giving panda as a piece of jewelry is therefore said to bring balance and unity to the gift receiver.

Over one hundred white and black diamonds are used to form this beautiful panda body. Two beads of luminous imperial green jade give her eyes that sparkle, even in the dark.

She clasps in her hands her favorite bamboo made out of premium Bernese jadeite - streaked with sinuous translucent rivers it looks like the sun lives inside this beautiful jadeite gemstone.

Her right leg has been brightened with two deep green jadeite beads. The same color jadeite is used for her tiny tail. 

The design is very versatile and can be worn as both pendant or brooch.


Dimensions: 3cm x 3.7cm (1.2cm thickness)

Hundreds of white and black diamonds

Green imperial jade

Suitable as a brooch (pin) or pendant