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Gazing Giraffe Bespoke Pin

In ancient China people thought that giraffes were the mythical Qilin, a magical breed of unicorn that would appear with the imminent arrival of someone illustrious. Harnessing this auspicious meaning giraffe jewelry became a popular gift amongst royalty to give someone good luck and fortune to lead a distinguished and renowned life. 

Using pink rubies for two beautiful eyes, our 18k white gold giraffe has elegant grace flowing through her body. Petit diamonds for her slender legs and neck give a beautiful thin silhouette. 

The famous giraffes spots are beautiful imperial jadeite droplets. See how they reflect the sunlight as if each gemstone is individually lit to showcase its brilliance. 

The design is very versatile and can be worn as both pendant or brooch. 


Dimensions: 7.9cm x 2.3 cm (1.1cm thick)

Green imperial jade, with hundreds of diamonds

Set on 18k white gold

With ruby gemstone details

Can be worn as both pendant or brooch (pin)