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Icy White Jadeite Earrings with Diamonds and Coral

Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with our Icy White Jadeite Earrings with Diamonds and Coral, where the rare, ice-like translucency of jade harmonizes with the warmth of coral beads and the brilliance of diamonds. These earrings pay homage to the enduring legacy of Oriental carving artistry, gracefully reflecting the interplay of light and shadow across your silhouette. At the heart of their design lies the exquisite passionflower motif, a symbol of enduring connections and unblemished integrity. This motif, reminiscent of the finest in classical craftsmanship, adorns our earrings, evoking the grace and poise of ancient decorative arts—from majestic architecture to delicate latticework.

The passionflower design, intricately carved into the icy jade, symbolizes a continuous bond and purity of spirit, echoing the rich heritage of Chinese decorative arts. The natural beauty of jade, paired with the coral's soft hue, creates a bridge between dreams and reality, narrating a symphony of serene and beautiful moments. Transform your style with these exquisite earrings, a piece of history that sings the melodious tune of life's enchanting rhythm.


5.7cm long. 2.1cm wide

White jade, with coral sphere and diamond

*We can modify the ear-hook to stub. Please feel free to contact us.