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Yellow Jadeite Pendant with Green Jadeite bead

Embrace the gentle warmth of autumn with our Yellow Jadeite Pendant, beautifully accented with a Green Jadeite Bead. This exquisite piece mirrors the ephemeral beauty of maple leaves transitioning from summer to autumn, embodying a sense of refined, elegant warmth. The lustrous yellow jade, paired with the lush green bead, captures the essence of autumn's palette, while fine diamonds at the leaf's tip evoke the image of a leaf fluttering in the breeze. Symbolizing the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature across the changing seasons, this pendant is cherished for its profound meanings of success and prosperity.

Wearing this pendant celebrates the natural cycles of life and the positive energy of new beginnings and graceful endings. It serves as a poignant farewell or retirement gift, symbolizing the beauty of a chapter well concluded and the anticipation of the adventures that lie ahead.


4cm long, 2cm wide

Yellow jade, with green jade sphere and many diamonds

Set on 18k white gold