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Graceful Butterfly 2 in 1 Jadeite Pin

Inspired by the enchantment of asymmetrical butterfly wings, Jade Artisan seamlessly blends radiant green jade and magenta zircon. Resonating with the spirit of butterflies, it radiates an internal liberation and distinctive allure, sparkling with each graceful movement.

Women, resembling butterflies, undergo a captivating transformation, emerging renewed and gracefully fluttering among flowers. They leave an enduring imprint, showcasing their empowering presence through the enchanting force of "she power".

This exquisite creation serves both as a brooch and necklace, embodying resilience and captivating self-assurance. Adorn it proudly, announcing to the world your embrace of a transformed self and your affection for every facet of your being.


Natural Green Jadeite 

Zircon in magenta & translucent colors 

Size: 4.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.5cm


925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Necklace Included