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Green jadeite earrings with yellow jade and diamonds

FImbued with the mystique of dreamcatchers, our Green Jadeite Earrings with Yellow Jade and Diamonds weave the ancient wisdom and fantastical dreams of the night air into a tangible form.

Beloved by Native Americans for its protective qualities against evil and misfortune, the dreamcatcher inspires these earrings, combining the tranquility and wisdom of green jade with the prosperity and vibrant energy of yellow jade. This timeless design, symbolizing wishes fulfilled and hearts connected, captures the essence of intellectual angels and the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth.

Adorned with verdant leaves and golden sunbeams, these earrings spin a narrative of poetic romance. They are the perfect accessory to enhance your floral dress or add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to a spring cocktail party, inviting you on an illustrious journey of discovery and marvel, apt for any gathering. 


Hook earrings

5cm long, 1.45 cm wide

Green jade earring with yellow jade orb

Mounted on 18k rose gold with diamonds

*We can modify the ear-hook to stub. Please feel free to contact us.