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Green Wulu Jade Earrings

A captivating fusion of Asian tradition and contemporary elegance. The Wulu shape, renowned for its symbolic meaning of fortune, long and luck, takes center stage in these exquisite earrings. 

The smooth curves and intricate detailing of the Wulu design create a harmonious blend of artistry and symbolism. As you wear these earrings, you embrace the positive energy and blessings associated with the Wulu shape, inviting good fortune and a long, prosperous life into your journey.

These earrings are not only a symbol of luck but also a testament to your impeccable taste. The vibrant green jade exudes a natural elegance that effortlessly complements any outfit, making them suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. Their lightweight and comfortable design ensures you can enjoy their beauty throughout the day, enhancing your style with grace and sophistication.


1.1cm in length, 0.5cm in width, 0.2cm thickness

18k white gold 

Stud earrings