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Icy White Jadeite Earrings with Coral

Embrace the power and wisdom of the auspicious dragon with our Icy White Jadeite Earrings with Coral, a pinnacle of Jade Artisan's classic Dynasty Collection. Carved with unparalleled skill, these earrings feature a majestic dragon intertwined with the purity of high-grade white jade, adorned with vibrant coral accents.

The dragon, a symbol of bravery, fortune, and harmony with the cosmos, serves as a revered charm for prosperity and good luck. The intricate beadwork of natural jade evokes the image of a dragon soaring through celestial clouds, bestowing strength, courage, and protection upon the wearer. These earrings not only signify a connection to the divine but also stand as a testament to enduring elegance and cultural heritage, perfect for gifting or personal adornment in seeking harmony and blessings.


  • Top-grade white jade and coral beads set in 18K white gold ear hooks
  • 2.33 cm long, 0.28 cm wide
  • Hook earrings
  • *We can modify the ear-hook to stub. Please feel free to contact us.