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Icy White Jadeite Pendant

Indulge in the opulence with our Luxurious Icy White Jadeite Pendant, where frost-like jade meets a constellation of diamonds, casting a spectacle of splendor. This piece, representing fertility and prosperity, elevates the leaf motif to a celebration of resilience and strength in the face of cold adversity. Its surrounding diamonds enhance the jade's brilliance, elevating it to a symbol of unparalleled luxury. This emblem of purity and expansiveness is reserved for the most special occasions, offering a distinguished elegance that stands out in the coldest of seasons, symbolizing the potential for growth and renewal even in the harshest conditions.

Reserved for moments that transcend the ordinary. The encircling diamonds elevate it beyond the minimalist designs of its counterparts, distinguishing it as a statement of luxury, where elegance meets the extraordinary. A standout piece, it contrasts sharply with the understated simplicity found in our silver-crafted pendant, marking it as the epitome of special occasion adornment.


5cm long, by 1.8cm wide 0.8cm thickness 
White jadeite leaf surrounded with many diamonds
Adorned with two green jadeite orbs
Set on 18k white gold