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Luminous Green Ribbon 2 in 1 Jadeite Pin

Introducing the "Luminous Green Ribbon 2 in 1 Jadeite Brooch" —a captivating addition to Jade Artisan's brooch collection. This stunning piece, adorned with a graceful ribbon design, encapsulates the very essence of feminine allure. A versatile masterpiece, this dual-purpose accessory effortlessly elevates your elegance for formal occasions as a brooch and seamlessly transforms into an exquisite necklace, perfect for everyday wear. 

Every facet of this brooch embodies the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Jade Artisan. The interplay between natural green jade and green zircon stones creates a mesmerizing illusion of feathered tendrils delicately cascading, akin to a breeze playfully teasing satin ribbons. With its subtle yet distinctive presence, the accessory emanates a captivating aura, accentuating the wearer's unique taste and confidence. The inherent versatility of this accessory makes it an ideal choice for any occasion—effortlessly simple, yet splendidly radiant, allowing you to shine with a unique brilliance in every moment. Elevate your style with this dual-use brooch and let your elegance blossom with a touch of Jade Artisan's craftsmanship.


Natural Green Jadeite 


Length 4.6cm x Width 4.2cm x Depth 0.9cm

925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Necklace Included