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Jadeite Ring with Diamonds

Inspired by the regal elegance of royal diadems, our Jadeite Ring with Diamonds showcases a stunning composition of trapezoid diamonds that gracefully ascend to a prominent cabochon jade centerpiece.

This ring celebrates the vibrant essence of green jade, emblematic of vitality and tranquility. It beckons you to wear your confidence proudly, wrapped in the sophistication and enduring allure unique to premium green jadeite. Adorn yourself with this emblem of distinction and authority—incorporate this exquisite piece into your heirloom collection and make a statement that resonates.

Designed to be cherished and handed down through generations, this ring is more than an accessory; it's a legacy of unparalleled beauty and significance, inviting you to preserve a piece of heritage that will continue to inspire.


Top quality Burmese green jadeite and classic trapezoidal diamonds set in an 18k white gold band.

Ring size: 14/54

(This size is subject to adjustment, please contact us)