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White Jade Earrings with Diamonds

Crafted at the confluence of Eastern and Western aesthetic sensibilities and the miraculous forms of nature, the White Jade Earrings with Diamonds showcase the Buddha's hand, lively curves that exude an elegant and tranquil charm. The combination of icy white jadeite and diamonds weaves an endless tapestry of exceptional grace.

These earrings express a longing for a peaceful and beautiful life, guiding wearers to cherish and defend their precious happiness. The earrings are a testament to unique allure and thought-provoking natural jade, rich in historical significance and beauty. Adorning these earrings elevates your presence with an air of sophistication and poise, making them the perfect classic jewelry for those with discerning taste, and connecting you to the essence of the Precious Collection's celebration of well-being and enduring joy.


4.8cm long, 0.8cm wide

White jade

Hung on 18k white gold with diamonds