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Snowflake White Jadeite Diamond Earrings

Snowflake White Jadeite Diamond Earrings embody the ethereal beauty of crystal-clear and fleeting snowflakes. Meticulously carved from 18K gold, the design is simple yet elegant, capturing the essence of drifting jade threads shimmering in the light. The white jade, akin to ice crystals in a snowy landscape, imparts a refreshing coolness, delicately adorned with natural diamonds on all sides to enhance its overall brilliance.

Beyond being mere jewelry, these earrings tell a romantic tale of a snow wonderland. Wearing them is like stepping into a realm of falling snowflakes, experiencing the delicate beauty of snow drifting down. It's a moment to showcase your unique taste and illuminate your distinctive radiance with every wear.


Natural White Jadeite 

Natural Diamonds

18k Gold

0.8cm in diameter 

Stud Earrings