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Icy Jadeite Ring with Diamonds

The Icy Jadeite Ring with Diamonds is an exquisite blend of precision diamond placements and the tranquil allure of icy jade, capturing the zenith of jewelry artisanship intertwined with nature's dynamic essence. This piece is distinguished by the horizontal orientation of the main jade stone, a creative deviation from traditional vertical settings, flanked by two green jade accents on either side. Such a design lends the ring a more unisex appeal, celebrating individuality and self-expression in a bold and uninhibited fashion.

The icy white jade, a talisman for love and success in career, brings fortune while alleviating stress. Its free-form style champions a versatile, open-minded approach to life, sparking a confidence as invigorating as the sun's radiant warmth. Embrace a journey of transformation and vibrant dreams with this ring, an ideal emblem of your distinctive elegance.


Top quality radiant jadeite set with green jadeite beads and classic diamonds on an 18k white gold band.

Ring size: 12/52

(This size can be adjusted, please contact us)