Hollywood Stars and Their Jade Earrings

21 April, 2022

            Hollywood Stars and Their Jade Earrings

In recent years the biggest celebrities have begun wearing jade, and it is fetching incredibly high prices at the most prestigious auctions like Sotheby’s. So what’s going on?

Part of this trend is a recent change in perception around jade. Although it has always been popular in Asia, it is being showcased at major events much more now due to its style and versatility than being related to Asia. 

It has become international - the symbolism of what jade represents is aligned with human nature and values, rather than something exclusively historical or Asian. There is of course a deeper meaning to jade that people are beginning to discover, and perhaps this is a part of why people are adopting jade more as well, even Lady Gaga got herself a pair of black jade earrings! 

Lady Gaga black jade earrings look


The special thing about jade has always been that each piece is unique. With most materials, a set idea is usually brought to the piece, with small adaptations made to any non uniform elements in the material. With jade, the tradition is to adapt more to the unique nature of each piece, with impurities seen as part of its character.

This makes the feel and statement of each jade piece very unique, while still possessing the qualities of elegance, dignity and calm typical of jade.

Read on to see some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood who have made jade their own and found a way to express their uniqueness with this timeless gem!

Emilia Clarke’s jade earrings look at Emmy'srocket jade earrings

Emilia Clarke’s earrings here work well to give a light feel that is both highly sophisticated and naturalistic. The many small globes branching off feels like a leaf design, and the lighter shades and absence of strong colours in this look accentuate her natural beauty. This is a subtle and gentle look that displays an artistic nature and brings attention to the neckline.

Jessica Chastain jade earrings at premier in CaliforniaJessica Chastain green jade earrings

Jessica Chastain, just clinched the statuette for Best Actress at the 94th Oscars. Sheknocks it out of the park with this incredibly glamorous look made for the red carpet at the premiere of “Interstellar” in Hollywood. The color of the stone is rich but the piece is not too heavy and so still allows enough light through to really showcase the luminous quality of good jade.

Her red hair and pale skin, along with the red lipstick she has chosen brings her natural palette into sharp relief with this stone, which acquires a very strong quality. This is a classy look done well. 

Amy Adams jade jewelry lookDavie Webb jade earrings 

Amy Adams’s jade earrings say ‘glamour’! They are huge and encased in gold formed into a diamond shape. The contrast between the deep purple and the translucency of the green and white gives this a classy, professional and authoritative look and the neat hairstyle completes the look.

Uma Thurman jade earrings

Uma Thurman is famous for her dramatic features and she brings something entirely her own to this equally stark and unique butterfly piece. The eye is first drawn to her bright blue eyes, and then to the piece; it’s dash of green within the white reflecting the blue within the white above.

A piece like this will work differently with everyone, because not only is it even more of a statement piece than most, but it’s intense whiteness has a quality that makes the features of the wearer do even more work. And this is what choosing the right Jade piece is all about – finding the balance between you and the piece and where the eyes are drawn to. This particular example accentuates both without being overwhelming or tryhard.

Katie Holmes jade earrings lookKatie Holmes green jade earrings

Katie Holmes’ deep, pure Jade earrings look like exotic fruits here. The colour of this jade is particularly rich; and shows off her deep green eyes and works in excellent contrast with her tan. The cut of these pieces of jade is exquisite – the detail is astounding, and they are suspended by extremely elegant chains of metal and gemstone that look almost like they are not connected at all! This look suits Katie well, and evokes a sense of purity, nature, wealth and charisma.

Karlie Kloss wears green jade earringsKarlie Kloss green jade earrings

Karlie Kloss makes these medium sized jade earrings for a look that is seductive, confident, fun and rebellious. These pieces draw you in, and seem to blend in with her face and hair while accentuating them at the same time. They are not so large that they steal the show and nor are they so small that there is any chance of ignoring them – or Karlie herself.

The subtle green eyeshadow, the way the pieces are partially hidden in her hair makes this look all the more seductive and mysterious.

Jesaica Lowndes in jade earrings

In this image, Jessica Lowndes evokes an Egyptian queen with these breathtaking jade shards that hang from a more traditional jewellery piece. This combination combines to give a sense of sleek sophistication, wealth, status and charm. Note the sleek, straight hair, the strong and clean eyebrow line and how it plays off the angles of the lower part of her face. The many straight lines combine to give more presence to the look but it’s the gentle quality of jade – in this case dappled with different shades of green – that ensures there is still a gentle and graceful quality.

These are just a few examples of celebrities showing the incredible versatility, elegance and beauty of jade earrings. Each pair is different for each person, so we welcome you to Jade Artisan to discover our jade earrings collection and find the right pair for you today! 


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