The Hidden Meaning of Your Gemstones

06 August, 2022

            The Hidden Meaning of Your Gemstones

Gemstones are products created by nature. They inspire mystics, philosophers, poets across millenia and throughout the world. Today let’s take a moment to look into the stories and meaning beyond their external brilliance.


Emerald’s traditional meaning can best be explained with its connection to Venus, the god of love, romance and sensuality. 

It is often used in engagement rings and has been a symbol of power and glamor since the time of its first famous advocate, Cleopatra, through the 1960’s and the style of Elizabeth Taylor, up until today. Its popularity has never waned & today emeralds are having a renaissance moment..  Today, emeralds are the most used gemstone in the entire jewelry industry, often outpricing diamonds and its enduring  popularity has seen many emeralds flaunted on the red carpet in recent years.

Elisabeth Taylor wearing Emerald jewelry

Its deep green hue is seen to be mysterious and is capable of healing, calming and increasing fertility. Green is the color of the heart chakra, which represents compassion, feeling and love. 

The green of an emerald was thought to havetransformative effects on its wearer, and this is reflected in modern science. Today we know that green has a profound effect on the body. It stimulates the pituitary gland and reduces histamine levels. But most of all, traditionally Emerald was all about love. If the wearer was truly loyal to their partner it was said to increase the glow and luster of the gem, making it glow a beautiful green - but if that person’s heart went astray then the glow would gradually dim and display a lifeless color instead. Many people believe this to be the case with their own Emeralds today. 

Emerald comes in many shades – the color ‘Emerald Green’ is named after the stone, and is deep, dark and rich, signifying abundance, stability, wealth and trust. It also comes in many other shades, including a lighter shade which is psychologically associated with rebirth, renewal, growth and hope.

Emerald green in different shades

Each stone is connected to a specific month - Emerald is the May birthstone and it’s seen as a perfect ring for engagements and anniversaries, perhaps due to its enduring association with romance and fertility. And as a symbol of power, it’s also often a gift for major career advancements.


Next is Ruby. The ruby is a very interesting stone with a fascinating history. It was described as the king of stones in both Sanskrit and biblical texts. 

If rubies can be said to represent one thing then that is  power - both in the sense of human status and vitality itself. Red represents passion, nobility, good fortune, joy, blood, protection and courage.

It was thought, in the middle ages, that the ruby was the concentrated lifeblood of the earth itself, a congealing of magical forces that could change one’s fortune. The Ruby was seen to increase passion for life, to detoxify the blood and give strength but always in a way that improved one’s fortune. Specifically it was seen to bring fortune and luck to those who wielded power. 

Ruby is a July birthstone and it’s perfect for people who love glamor and wish to obtain luxury and good fortune. It is the stone of the fortunate, so those who wear it are said to obtain fortune and multiply the fortune they have. Below Jade Artisan's Gazing Giraffe brooch uses pink rubies on her beautiful eyes.


Woman wearing jade giraffe brooch and black jacket

Gazing Giraffe Bespoke Pin


The Sapphire has a very special association with royalty, especially in Europe. It represents knowledge, insight, communication, wealth and a connection to the divine. 

It makessense thatsense, that Sapphire is connected to nobility, which in antiquity was all about designating someone as the voice of a higher power. 

Sapphires are a combination of dark blue and purple. Dark blue is thought to represent self knowledge and skillfulness. Purple, on the other hand, represents royalty and wealth in many cultures.  Sapphire is a deep, saturated blue with shades of purple. No wonder it is associated with royalty! 

Deep blue is also associated with the water element - which is all about flexibility, softness and most of all wisdom. 

Sapphire is September birthstone and it’s also a traditional engagement ring, representing a divine bond as well as wealth and value. It’s a stone that reveals its beauty the more closely you look into it.

 Crane brooch with jade, ruby, sapphire Jade Artisanwoman wearing a Crane brooch and white jacket

 Dancing Cranes Bespoke Pin


Jade has many colours - but the most well known is green, which itself has many shades. The most famous is a deep, rich Jade called ‘Imperial Jade’ - so called for its association with the Chinese Emperor. Each shade of Jade is thought to have a different effect on the wearer, but green specifically is thought to increase the harmony of one’s relationships. Jade develops your mind to become softer, calmer and more open. It is also said to keep the body in a state of balance, keeping ill health at bay. 

Jade is something that can be worn every day because it is extremely durable. It absorbs light into its fibrous matrix and although it is a gemstone it has an almost organic quality absorbing light and giving Jade a famous & highly prized glowing effect.

Although the most famous color is green, Jade comes in many colors, and they all represent something different and have their own unique properties. Click HERE  to see more in details on the meaning for different colors jade.

Jade is considered to help people in many ways, and is a great gift for people who are hoping to bring about positive change in their lives. The act of giving Jade is considered to be very lucky, and this makes sense because Jade is the stone of harmonious relationships!


Tsavorite is not only breathtaking but it also has a fascinating history. Despite being one of the oldest gemstones in existence it was only discovered in the 1960s in Tsavo national park, Kenya. Its recent discovery can be attributed to its rarity. Also unlike many gemstones, its chemical makeup is so complex it cannot be created artificially. This is perhaps why its price has gone up 3x in the last 10 years, and the most expensive piece ofTsavorite is a 325.14 carats piece valued for just over $2 millions USD. 

loose tsavorite gemstones

Although this stone is new to the market, it comes from a class of gemstones called Garnets, which have the longest cultural history of any gemstone. Garnets were associated with protection across many ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians put them on mummies as far back as 3100 BC to carry into the afterlife. In Roman times, they were the most popular gemstone in the world, and during the Middle Ages they were worn by both Christian and Muslim crusaders into battle.

Tsavorite is the birthstone for January.It'sIts perfect for a business man or woman, due to its capacity for protection, enhancement. Its deep green color is thought to add a potent healing quality as well, which can add harmony and ease. This stunning Peacock brooch below is decoratedwith sumptuous gemstones including rubies, sapphires, diamonds, tsavorite and of course, our favorite imperial green jade. 

A bespoke custom Peacock Jade Brooch from Jade ArtisanSoaring Peacock Bespoke Pin

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