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Yellow Jadeite Pendant

Hold close to the rare beauty of our Yellow Jadeite Pendant, adorned with auspicious cloud motifs, a harbinger of happiness and the richness of life. This flawless jade piece, with its high collectable value, embodies simplicity and purity. Its round shape, symbolizing safety and smooth sailing, is an ode to the harmonious blend of man and cosmos, carrying the endless positive energy of the universe. Its exquisite design elevates any attire, singing praises to fortune and joy, enveloping you in endless mirth and grace.

To experience the full charm and harmony of this exquisite craftsmanship, consider pairing the pendant with our matching Jadeite Earrings. Together, they create a complete set that invites you to adorn yourself with a blend of tradition and style, embodying grace in every gesture.


3.5cm long, 2.8cm wide

Yellow jade, set on 18k white gold setting