About Us


Jade Artisan isn't just a boutique jade jewelry store; it's a treasured heritage that spans over three decades and two generations. Born in Taiwan and now nurtured by the founder's daughter, Vega, and her husband, this family heritage is a story steeped in the love of art and culture.

In the heart of Taipei's antique scene, the story of Jade Artisan began. Vega's parents, both rooted in antique businesses, embarked on a journey in 1989. They opened "Da Han Artisan," an antique boutique, in one of the most prestigious Asian antique malls in Taipei. As their passion grew, they expanded, opening a second branch on the same floor. By the late '90s, a third store adorned the famed "antique street" of Lishui in Taipei. Their entire lives were devoted to the realms of antique treasures and jade jewelry, breathing life into stories of bygone eras.


Fast forward to 2019, Vega's wedding day, a pivotal moment when her parents gifted her with precious jade jewelry, brimming with stories of tradition and love. Her British husband, Will, captivated by their beauty, posed a poignant question: "Why not continue your family's legacy? Jade jewelry is a work of art, each piece telling a unique story, transcending cultural boundaries." His sincerity ignited a spark within her. She realized that jade, with its timeless allure, could be reimagined for a new generation, a gem deserving of the global stage.

In the enchanting backdrop of Geneva, Switzerland, where their love story blossomed, Vega and Will decided to rewrite the future. They transformed the family business, renaming it Jade Artisan. Geneva, known as the jewelry capital of the world, now bears witness to their passion for crafting beauty with meaning.

Jade Artisan's founder and her British husband


Art, much like love, speaks a universal language. It transcends culture, language, and borders, touching the very essence of our souls. Jade Artisan, with its 30 years of heritage and the skilled hands of dedicated artisans, brings together the finest jade, diamonds, gold, and precious stones. The result is a collection of authentic and luxurious jewelry designed for today's world, a testament to a legacy of love, art, and culture—a gift from their hearts to yours.  

blue velvet jewelry box with purple jade earrings