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Jade Artisan isn't just a boutique jade jewelry store; it's a legacy that spans over three decades and two generations.Born in Taiwan and now nurtured by the founder's daughter, Vega, and her husband, this family heritage is a story steeped in the love of art and culture.

In the heart of Taipei's antique scene, the story of Jade Artisan began. Vega's parents, both rooted in antique businesses, embarked on a journey in 1989.

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Jade Artisan is founded on four central pillars that run through everything we craft and bring to you.

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Find out more about us, our artisans, and the places and experiences that continue to inspire our jewelry in our articles below. We also share lots of useful information about jadeite and jade. Where it's from, it's role in history, and why people all over the world love jade jewelry so much! We also include some helpful tips and tricks we've picked up over the last 30 years!

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