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Lavender Jadeite Pendant

Carry with you the enchanting mystery of our Lavender Jadeite Pendant, where the romantic hues of lavender blend with life's infinite possibilities. This pendant, with its simple yet versatile design, integrates seamlessly into everyday wear, symbolizing unity and prosperity.

Lavender jade, a healing stone, brings positive energy, easing tensions and focusing on dreams. Its natural variability and radiant light weave a rainbow of hope and beauty, capturing the essence of daybreak and dusk. This pendant is a heartfelt companion through life's emotions, freely expressing every shade of joy and challenge, a classic jewel for all occasions. For those who cherish versatility in elegance, we also offer this pendant in pristine White Jade, featuring the exact same design.

Whether you choose the tranquil lavender or the pure white, each pendant serves as a devoted companion through the spectrum of life's experiences, celebrating every hue of joy and challenge. A timeless treasure for every occasion, it invites you to express your narrative with grace and passion.


1.2cm in length, 0.8cm in diameter 

Lavender jade