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Double Happiness Pendant

In our mini Double Happiness series that doubles the Chinese character for happy, yellow jade is used to craft two beautiful pendants. A traditional design, used for centuries across greater China and south east Asia, a double happiness sign symbolizes the joining of two families and wishing the couple every success on their new lives together.

This pendant is made from yellow jade that has beautiful hues of spring sunshine (when at its lightest) moving to a rich golden sunset (at its darkest). With such lush color it’s unsurprising to know that yellow jade represents joy, being cheerful and happiness. It will make a beautiful wedding present or anniversary gift for your loved one.

This pendant is available in two sizes. One large, one medium size.

Medium Size:

2.91cm (Length) / 1.67cm (Width)

Large  Size:

3.53cm (Length) / 1.80cm (Width)