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Jasmin Jadeite Earrings with Diamonds

The "Jasmin Jade Earrings with Diamonds" are designed with the earliest blooming flowers of spring in mind, blending the warmth of 18K gold with the fresh appeal of natural white and green jade, alongside the sparkling brilliance of diamonds to weave a tapestry of vibrant spring vitality. These earrings skillfully embed three white jade stones into the heart of the blossoms, while the green jade resembles the new buds of spring, paired with diamond petals that radiate hope and vigor.

These earrings do more than evoke memories of spring; they display an irresistible charm in every detail. Suitable for women of all ages, they can be worn on any occasion, exuding both the gentleness and resilience of life.


Natural Green Jadeite 

Natural White Jadeite 

Natural Diamonds

18k Gold 

0.9cm in diameter 

Stud Earrings

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