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Red Jadeite Earrings with Coral Bead

The rich, fiery red jade paired with vivid coral beads is not just a visual delight but a beacon of vitality and surprise, casting a radiant glow upon your visage with every turn. These earrings are more than an accessory; they are a charm for love and popularity. In the essence of the Circle of Life Collection, they symbolize joy, self-awareness, and the lively essence of making connections. Crafted to enhance your natural radiance and confidence, the honeyed hues of the jade contour your features, promoting a rounded, luminous complexion that shines brightly, attracting admiration and fostering relationships.

Perfect for those seeking a dash of luck in love or yearning to be a symbol of popularity at work and among friends, these earrings beckon you to embrace every moment with passion and elegance, ensuring you stand out with an impression of bold, effortless confidence.


Top quality red jadeite with coral beads, set in 18K white gold ear hooks

Earring length: 3.6cm

Earring width: 0.7cm

Earring thickness: 0.4cm

Earrings with ear hooks