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Silken White Jadeite Diamond Earrings

The design interweaves the lightness of ribbons and the imagery of forming bonds, with 18K yellow gold gently encircling to create a symbol of love tied with golden threads, a bond everlasting. Each earring is ingeniously set with four natural diamonds, akin to dewdrops, sparkling within the embrace of pure white jade, each ray of light whispering tales of eternity and commitment.

These earrings are not just a pursuit of beauty but also a message of love. The gold filigree lines represent the tightly knotted fate, while the purity of the white jade is akin to unadulterated love, loyal and everlasting. At every precious moment, the Silken White Jadeite Diamond Earrings stand as a testament to the promise, embroidering an indelible chapter of love. They are also a perfect Christmas gift idea, they are an exquisite token to cherish and a timeless expression of festive affection.


Natural White Jadeite 

Natural Diamonds

18k Gold

0.92cm in diameter 

Stud Earrings