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Jadeite Pendant

Each detail of this jade pendant is a testament to unique craftsmanship, encapsulating the exuberance of life intertwined with flourishing wealth. Inspired by ancient myths, it prominently features a three-legged toad, a revered emblem of prosperity known for attracting fortune without parting with it, alongside a "jade cabbage," symbolizing abundant wealth encounters. Crafted with the utmost purity of jade, crowned with the vibrant green of the toad, this pendant stands as a pinnacle of intricate artistry. It celebrates not just affluence but also joy and the enhancement of prosperity.

This exquisite piece is more than an accessory; it's a representation of prosperity, perfectly suited for entrepreneurs and businesswomen who appreciate a blend of grandeur and uniqueness in their adornments. It's an ideal emblem of success, designed to attract wealth and positive opportunities, making it an essential talisman for those who lead with innovation and courage in their professional journeys.


4cm long, 2cm wide

Green jade, set on 18k white gold with many diamonds