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White Jade Floral Wreath Diamond Earrings

This meticulously crafted jewel is an invitation to a genuine and romantic experience. The wreath design, reminiscent of a love vow, features an 18K gold base encircling a dazzling array of natural diamonds, akin to stars strewn across the night sky. Three additional sparkling main diamonds elevate the overall brilliance, symbolizing the enduring nature of love. The main stone, white jade, embodies the purity of a bride's white dress on the wedding day, adding a unique and elegant touch to the design. Together, these elements weave a narrative, as if recounting the romantic tales of every loving couple.

This goes beyond being mere jewelry; they become witnesses to love. As a wedding gift for a dear friend and family, they are a fitting choice. This pair of earrings seamlessly integrates the romantic wreath concept into jewelry design, making it the perfect bridal jewelry for every bride to embrace happiness and elegance.


Natural White Jadeite 

Natural Diamonds

18k Gold

1cm long x 0.87cm wide 

Stud Earrings