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White Jadeite Earrings with Green Jadeite Bead

Unveil the essence of heartfelt connections and the enduring bonds of love with our White Jadeite Earrings from the Precious Collection. Each piece is a masterpiece, featuring the revered figure of Buddha's hand meticulously carved in translucent white jadeite, cradling a radiant diamond. Uniquely, these earrings are distinguished by a singular green jadeite bead that dangles gracefully from the Buddha's hand, symbolizing life's vitality and the preciousness of cherished relationships. This bead, reminiscent of a vibrant spirit, adds a touch of color and depth, reflecting the collection's theme of 'mother-daughter jewelry' and the safeguarding love it represents.

These earrings transcend mere adornment, acting as guardians, with the Buddha's hand channeling strength to repel misfortune and bestow blessings, encapsulating hopes for peace, safety, and love for those closest to our hearts. The serene beauty of jade, combined with the diamonds' brilliance, symbolizes a mother's unconditional love and protective prayers for her child. Wearing these earrings is a perpetual emblem of the unbreakable bond shared with our most precious ones, guiding us on a journey of righteousness, bathed in the glow of familial affection.



Length 4.7cm / Width 0.8cm

18K Silver with Diamonds