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Crystal Blossom White Jadeite Diamond Earrings

Experience the epitome of elegance with Jade Artisan's 'Winter Blossom White Jadeite Diamond Earrings.' Our artisans craft a masterpiece that captures the graceful essence of a plum blossom unfurling on a wintry branch. Boldly blooming amid a sea of white snow, these earrings fearlessly captivate with a refreshing fragrance.

Meticulously adorned white jade petals, reminiscent of delicate plum blossoms, showcase dazzling brilliance alongside dancing diamonds. Delicately intricate and subtly luxurious, these earrings effortlessly elevate your style for both formal occasions and relaxed moments. As a gentle breeze caresses your hair, experience the unique charm of the 'Winter Blossom White Jadeite Diamond Earrings,' capturing and immortalizing precious moments. Elevate your elegance with Jade Artisan – where craftsmanship meets sophistication in a timeless accessory.


Natural White Jadeite 

Natural Diamonds

18k Gold 

0.84cm in diameter 

Stud Earrings