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Winter Green Sparkle Jade Earrings

The icy zircon captures the purity and tranquility of winter, while the vitality of green jade creating a striking contrast, much like the fresh green leaves of spring or the invigorating morning air in a forest.

Meticulously carved from 925 sterling silver, the design is simple yet elegant, shimmering uniquely amidst the ice and snow. Each piece of green jadeite displays a rich and deep green hue, radiating life and vigor. The mirror-like surface reflects the surrounding light, as if capturing the spirit and power of nature.

Wearing this pair allows you to feel a sense of balance and harmony. These earrings are not just jewelry; they are an expression of art and a lifestyle attitude. They enhance your overall taste and style, showcasing your unique temperament and elegance, and allowing you to experience the true allure and power of beauty. 



Natural Green Jadeite 

Colorless zircon

925 sterling silver

1.35cm in diameter 0.35 in thickness  

Stud Earrings