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Green Jadeite Earrings with Diamonds and Red Jadeite

Carved into the auspicious form of a Ruyi, our premium Green Jadeite Earrings with Diamonds and Red Jadeite are the quintessence of opulence and enchanting allure. The deep red jadeite and the brilliance of diamonds enhance the symbolic Ruyi shape, offering protection and the attainment of one's heartfelt wishes. These earrings radiate unrestrained beauty, ensuring you're the centerpiece of any occasion.

The Ruyi, a symbol evolved from ancient protective weapons to represent perfect harmony and wisdom, together with the natural wonder of jade, stages an elegance reminiscent of an illustrious jewelry exhibition, radiating a charm that mesmerizes all.

Ideal for significant gifts, these earrings honor the splendid journey of life, suitable for celebrating major milestones or landmark birthdays. The rich color and unique design, aligned with the storied heritage of the Ruyi, makes them a distinguished choice for special occasions, adding a layer of classic sophistication that commemorates the most precious moments.


4.5cm long, 1cm wide

Green imperial jade

With red jade bead and diamonds