Unveiling the World of Jade Grading (ABC grade)

01 January, 2024

            Unveiling the World of Jade Grading (ABC grade)

In the profound heritage of Chinese culture spanning thousands of years, jade has consistently stood as a cherished emblem of tradition and artistry. Modern advancements in craftsmanship have ushered in a new era for jade, presenting diverse and imaginative aesthetics to captivate the public's visual senses. Yet, behind every exceptional piece lies the foundational importance of raw materials.

Since its establishment, Jade Artisan has remained committed to uncompromising standards of high quality and artisanal craftsmanship. Each meticulously crafted piece seamlessly weaves together tradition and contemporary artistry, showcasing the perfect amalgamation of cultural essence and the exceptional quality of jade. In this realm of jade, the criteria for quality and value are primarily guided by the ABC grading and evaluation standard published by the Jade Lady - Prof. Mimi Ou Yang Chiu Mei, distinguishing three grades: A, B, and C.

A-grade Jade: Authentic Elegance

A-grade jade epitomizes authentic elegance. This classification signifies jade that, post-extraction, remains untouched by any chemical substances, preserving its internal structure, color, and hardness. Commonly referred to as 'living jade,' this superior quality natural jade is precisely the grade embraced by Jade Artisan. It transcends being merely an exquisite piece of art, symbolizing a valuable investment with enduring beauty. Upon visual examination, A-grade jade displays an exceptionally fine texture and gentle color, with clearly visible stone patterns. When gently tapped, it produces a crisp and melodious sound, accompanied by a pronounced sense of weightiness. These distinctive features set A-grade jade apart in terms of texture and touch from other stones. 

B-grade: Bleached and Impregnated Processed products

B-grade jade undergoes a treatment process involving bleaching and resin infusion to enhance its appearance and translucency. Due to the alteration of its internal structure by chemical agents, B-grade jade may lose its original color and value over time. While presenting a decent color, closer inspection reveals a lack of depth in its luster, and reduced transparency under light. Over time, it loses its luster, developing scattered cracks, indicating noticeable deterioration. This phenomenon is primarily attributed to severe damage caused by strong acids. The diminished density and muffled sound produced upon slight impact distinguish it significantly from the crisp notes of A-grade jade.

C-grade: Color Enhanced – 'Dyed' Jade

C-grade jade undergoes color enhancement through chemical methods, transforming originally pale or colorless jade into vibrant pieces, often in shades of red or green, commonly referred to as 'dyed' jade.

Upon initial observation, C-grade jade exhibits abnormal coloration, manifesting a distinctly unnatural appearance. Under careful scrutiny in ambient light, the color is found to be not naturally present within the hard jade crystalline structure but rather filled into mineral crevices, forming a mesh-like distribution and lacking authentic color roots. Further observation using color filters may reveal a transformation of green into red or a loss of color. These features serve as distinctive traits unique to C-grade jade, setting it apart visually and optically from high-quality jade.


Through an in-depth analysis of the ABC grading system, we gain a profound understanding of the miracles inherent in jade. Each certificate hides the journey of every jade, having endured countless cycles of refinement in the river of history to emerge as a truly precious gem. This commitment not only upholds the quality of jade but also pays homage to and deeply understands traditional culture.

Every piece from Jade Artisan comes with a certificate containing a product number, ensuring that each product in your possession is a superior choice crafted with A-grade natural jade. This unwavering commitment to A-grade jade's stringent requirements makes each A-grade jade from Jade Artisan a representative of innate opulence. These pieces are not just artistic expressions but also the epitome of choices worthy of collection and investment. By choosing Jade Artisan, you not only acquire exquisite craftsmanship but also symbolize the pursuit of ultimate luxury in your lifestyle.



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