5 Things You Didn’t Know About White Jade

27 February, 2023

            5 Things You Didn’t Know About White Jade

White jade is a highly prized material used for both jewelry and sculpture. It is valued for its beauty, translucency, and luminous quality. White jade comes in a variety of hues, the most expensive being ‘mutton fat jade’ - roughly 1 ounce (28g) for $3,000! 

#1. White jade isn't just white 

White Jade comes in a few varieties. The most expensive is called ‘mutton fat jade’. It is more translucent than normal jade, and comes in variations with a light yellow hue which reveals itself under direct natural light. 

Chicken bone Jade is another variation of white Jade. It is more opaque and may appear to have a look with more cream or light brown.

Also like all Jade, it often seems like it draws in light and glows from within, which is why people often describe Jade as luminous.

mouton fat jade

#2. White jade can be more valuable than green jade 

In ancient China, white Jade was the most prized variety of all, and was valued in a similar way to diamonds or gold in the west. It was all claimed by the Emperor, and it is these expertly crafted pieces of white Jade – usually Nephrite, since that was the type available in antiquity – that can fetch truly eye watering prices often going into the millions. 

It’s worth noting that weight is only one factor in how Jade is priced, taking into account quality of the craving and character of the stone itself. This is why Jade is often said to be more expensive than gold, but it does depend on the piece. Non-antique items that are exceptionally well crafted and which come from very high quality pieces of Jade can also fetch a pretty penny. If the Jade is mutton fat, then expect it to match or surpass the prices of the most expensive green Jades. It is the most expensive Jade of all, even surpassing Imperial Jade. 

Check out this video on this incredible ancient carving of white nephrite jade called ‘White Jade Mountain with Travelers on Horseback’ that goes into the deeper symbolism behind the art of the piece in the context of Chinese art.

#3. White jade can improve your "Qi" 

Many people feel that the healing aspect is stronger with white jade, and that it seems to help them with luck in the business world. It’s also valued in a more esoteric sense. White is the color of the crown chakra, which is about attaining a higher spiritual state and harmonizing with the universe. People also feel that it improves the qualities of the heart - purifying feelings of anger or bitterness and increasing a sense of inner peace and happiness. Check out this article  to see the meaning of different jade colors. 

 white jade is more valuable than green jade

#4. White jade can improve your health

Many people today like to use jade for Gua Sha, which has been shown to have measurable effects on one’s complexion. It moves fluid under the skin and is great for the lymphatic system. All jade is thought to be great for improving relationships, healing and bringing a sense of calm - and the idea is that by wearing it, you slowly acquire the qualities of the jade. The properties unique to white jade are said to be related to purification. These properties also depend on your own personal connection to white jade. Discover more on our white jade collection here.

four seasons leaf white jade pendant 

#5. White jade link to Chicken and Monkey 

The deeper meaning of white jade is extremely interesting and ties in with the symbolism of the color white in Chinese culture.

White jade is associated with metal sign among the 5 elements. And metal belongs to the rooster and monkey in the Chinese zodiac. These two animals are known for their hard work, intelligence, and resourcefulness. White jade is said to represent these qualities and is believed to help those who wear it acquire these qualities.

Last but not the least, we would like to share with you one of the most famous examples of white jade and that is “Chinese Cabbage”’ – it is an intricately carved piece that is both very delicate in its detail and also translucent – it looks incredibly delicate and is a stunning example of craftsmanship. 

jade cabbage national palace Taipei

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