Best Meaningful Gifts For Children

21 November, 2022

            Best Meaningful Gifts For Children

Gifting Baby Jewelry is a Worldwide Custom 

In Mexico and other Catholic countries, it is customary to gift children a piece of religious jewelry such as a cross necklace, rosary, or a guardian angel necklace, etc. The gift is usually during baptism, when the family celebrates this beautiful and important moment. In Asia, especially Taiwan and Hong Kong, there is an old saying "Wearing gold represents wealth; wearing jade represents safety and peace". Therefore in Asia, jade jewelry became one of the best choices when gifting newborn/children jewelry. 

 jade pendant for children


Why Gifting Jade Jewelry to Kids? 

Normally, people would gift something called “Ping An plate“, a very simple design that signifies purity and flawlessness. As the name suggests, the “Ping An plate” means "safety and peace", and it has always been a lucky charm for condensing wishes. Why do people like the Ping An plates so much? There is a deeper meaning behind it:

Ping An, in Mandarin literally means “safety”. Pin An plate, or sometimes in another design looking like a buckle,  symbolizes praying for the child to grow up in peace and good health. 

Buddhism imparts that to own nothing, is to have everything. As a parent, the deepest hope is often your children’s happiness and freedom from worries.Parents like gifting it to their children, hoping that they will avoid evil and misfortune, hence a protective jewelry. 

best birthday gift for children

baby jewelry made in jade

One of the most beautiful things in the world is to welcome the arrival of a newborn. TheBaby collection enshrines the ethos of the concept of protection jewelry to protect and nurture your child. The minimalist design style makes it impossible to hide any flaw. This lucky charm will make your child remain safe, healthy and always protected by heaven - an excellent gift for new parents or even for your own child. 

Contact us today to tailor your own meaningful piece. You can also discover our Serenity Collection to have a sneak peek of the adult version of Ping An Plate. :-) 

 Yellow jade earrings and necklace

                           Serenity series - Yellow Jadeite Pendant

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