Isn’t Jade Only Green?

21 March, 2021 | 1 Comment

            Different color jade bangles

Talk to someone about jade, and within seconds you’ll be talking about the color green! This is the great myth... jade is dark green and a “simple” gemstone. In fact the jade comes in almost all the colors of the rainbow! 

Green. And other colors.

Jade can be found in a beautiful range of colors. From rich green, to exquisite icy white. From whimsical lavender, to the depths of darkest black. From tropical sea blue, to a fire spitting orange. 

So why does jade have so many colors? It’s all in the mix! Or to be more precise, the mix of liquid metals that swirl around jade as it cools and becomes solid under the Earth. Jade has so many different colors because different metals and different combinations of metals combine with the jade to make this beautiful rainbow of colors. With no metals, jade would actually be almost completely colorless.

Manganese, iron, titanium and vanadium. These are our magic four metals that in different combinations form our beautiful jade.

Other metals are sometimes present, but they are rare. For instance one of the rarest jade colors available is imperial green. This jade has chromium within it to create this illustrious color. Though do not be fooled by your jeweler saying chromium in jade equals imperial jade. This is not true! For a jade gemstone to be classed as imperial jade it needs chromium to create a deep green color and it needs high transparency to give it that wonderful luster.

In contrast, lavender colored jade exists because of manganese. 

So there you have it. Jade exists in such a wide array of colors because of different metals fusing with the jade as it forms. Mother nature at its finest! We’re planning many more articles on jade, its color and its meaning. 

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17 September, 2021

Charlene Nevadomski

Interested in pink jade

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