5 Reasons Why Smart People Invest In Jewelry And Watches

09 May, 2021

            Couple choosing which watch to invest in

Since Spring 2020 and the pandemic hit, stock markets around the world have been hit by huge volatility. Increasingly, wealthy people have been investing their money into "real assets" such as artwork, real estate, and gemstones.

As a boutique jeweler we particularly recommend investing in gemstones, custom jewelry and watches. Here’s why:

  1. They are safe bets. You are very unlikely to lose money by reselling a vintage Rolex or grade A jadeite pendant. This is because they hold or appreciate their value due to collectability and consistent popularity.
  2. The materials in a piece have intrinsic value.Even if the piece goes out of fashion, the gemstones can be sold and the raw materials within a piece (such as gold) can be salvaged into a different jewelry piece or even melted down and sold.
  3. They can turn into family heirlooms. High-end jewelry is built to last decades and even centuries. Passing along fine pieces to your offspring is a great way to keep wealth within the family 
  4. They mark big milestones. In honor of life’s milestones like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, and beyond: it helps remembering all the good memories.
  5. You get to wear them.Unlike real estate, cars or stocks, you actually get to wear gemstones & jewelry. You can be stylish and financially smart and collecting can be great fun!


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