The Powerful Meanings Behind Different Jade Colors (Updated Aug 2023)

25 May, 2021 | 5 Comments

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Jade, a gemstone that has been revered across cultures and ages for its beauty and spiritual significance, is a treasure trove of colors. While the iconic green hue is what most people think of when they hear "jade," this remarkable stone boasts a spectrum of colors, each with its own unique story and energy.

From the bustling markets of Asia to the high-end boutiques of the West, jade has always been a symbol of status, spirituality, and sophistication. Let's embark on a journey to explore the profound meanings and benefits of the most popular jade colors.


Green Jade - The Crown Jewel of Serenity

Green jade stands out as the most sought-after color, making it one of the priciest gemstones globally. Its spectrum ranges from vibrant emerald to subtle apple yellow, captivating enthusiasts for centuries.

Historical significance and cultural associations
Emerald-green, often termed "imperial jade," fetches the highest price, primarily sourced from Myanmar since the 19th century. But the allure of green jade isn't new. The Maya Civilization in Mexico, thousands of years ago, was already enchanted by its beauty.

Spiritual and emotional benefits
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, green jade is a beacon of positivity. It symbolizes luck, abundance, and prosperity. This gemstone also fosters wisdom, balance, and peace, stabilizing one's personality and promoting honesty in relationships.

Physical healing properties
Green jade isn't just spiritually uplifting; it's believed to have physical healing properties. It can potentially correct hormonal imbalances, improve kidney functions, and alleviate conditions related to the bladder or spleen.

Green Jade_four seasons earrings flowers

Classic Green Jade - Four Seasons Earrings Flowers


Lavender Jade - The Stone of the Angels

Lavender jade mesmerizes with its spectrum, from pale purple to deep plum. It's the second most valuable jade, right after its green counterpart.

Symbolism and spiritual properties
Often referred to as the "Stone of the Angels," lavender jade radiates pure, ethereal energies. It nourishes the spirit, purges negativity, and instills peace and serenity.

Emotional benefits and promoting serenity
This gemstone is a pillar of emotional and spiritual support. It empowers individuals to chase their dreams, offers wisdom, and provides clarity during tumultuous times.

Physical healing effects
Lavender jade is also believed to balance nerves and regulate cardiac rhythm, showcasing its holistic healing properties.

Lavender Jade-Garden Peach Pendant

Lavender Jade warm your heart - Garden Peach Pendant


White Jade - The Whisper of Nature

White jade's palette is diverse, spanning from pure white to cream, pale yellow, and even light brown.

Significance in health, love, and business
Regarded as a talisman for health, love, and business, white jade can sharpen focus and amplify love energies. It encourages kindness and understanding in relationships.

Calming and peaceful properties
White jade is synonymous with tranquillity. It soothes intense emotions, promotes emotional healing, and liberates one from debilitating thoughts.

Emotional healing and releasing negativity
This gemstone is a balm for the soul, helping individuals release negativity and move forward with renewed vigor.

White Jade_white-jadeite-ring

White Jade always be there for you - Icy Jadeite Ring with Diamonds


Yellow Jade - Sunshine Solidified

Yellow jade's allure lies in its shades, from light lemon to lustrous amber and dark gold.

Chinese traditions and symbolism
For millennia, the Chinese have adorned yellow jade, associating it with good fortune, loyalty, family, and friendship.

Boosting self-confidence and personal power
Yellow jade, linked with Fire Energy, the Sun, and Mars, is a catalyst for self-confidence. It fosters fresh perspectives and heightens awareness and emotional stability.

Physical health benefits and detoxification properties
Beyond its emotional benefits, yellow jade is believed to improve digestion, support bladder and kidney functions, enhance blood circulation, and detoxify the body.

Yellow Jade-Yellow Jadeite Earrings with double bead

Yellow Jade be your happiness resource - Yellow Jadeite Pendant with Green Jadeite bead



The world of jade is vast, vibrant, and filled with stories. Each color, each shade offers unique energies and benefits. Embracing jade in your life, be it through jewelry, spiritual practices, or simply as a cherished possession, can bring about transformative changes, both spiritually and physically. We invite you to explore the diverse range of jade jewelry on our website, dive deep into its history, and experience the power and beauty of this ancient gemstone.


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look at this

08 September, 2022

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White jade crystals resemble pearls and are beautiful to behold. The jade family, in general, has different unique attributes, with white being one of them.
White jade is often synonymous with holistic healing and purity. Here’s a complete guide on the white jade meaning and its inherent characteristics:

26 June, 2022

April Lastella

I’ve learned that lavender jade is known as the ‘’Stone of the Angels’’. Because it radiates pure energies of the highest etheric spectrum.

01 May, 2022

O. Deloris

I learned a bit of information that I believe I will retain for the rest of my years-yellow jade’s potential as a healthy support in alleviating indigestive, kidney & bladder problems + wearing it to improve the circulation of the blood flow & to support a body detox

06 February, 2022


Can I have my own jade Buddha in my house if I can how?

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