The Powerful Meanings Behind Different Jade Colors

25 May, 2021 | 5 Comments

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What if I told you that jade doesn’t only come in green!

In fact, this precious stone exhibits hundreds, if not thousands, of different colors and they all have different meanings and different spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits.

Got you intrigued?

Let’s look at the most popular colors in the market today. We’reexamining the meanings and benefits of green, lavender, white and yellow jade! 

Green Jade

Green jade is the most popular color of all jades and, as such, one of the most expensive precious stones on the planet. From vibrant emerald to lighter apple yellow tones, the stone displays an array of mesmerizing green hues that has captivated people across the world for centuries.

The most vibrant emerald-green color is also referred to as ‘’imperial jade,’’ commands the highest price, and comes from Myanmar where it was discovered in the 19th century. However, green jade jewelry and ornaments have an incredibly long history that stretches back to the Maya Civilization in Mexico many thousands of years ago.

Green jade has been treasured in the Far East and Central America for thousands of years and was even given the status of royal gemstone by these ancient civilizations.

The sacred stone is considered a sign of luck and good fortune. It is also associated with abundance, wealth, and prosperity. 

What’s more,the powerful gemstone can bring wisdom, balance, calm, and peace to the wearer. And as if it wasn’t enough, green jade also stabilizes the personality, encouraging self-expression and authenticity, and helps attract fulfilling relationships by promoting honesty and understanding.

In addition to its powerful emotional and spiritual benefits, the royal stone is believed to have many physical healing properties. For instance, it can be used to correct hormone imbalances affecting fertility or improve kidney, bladder, or spleen-related conditions.

Green Jade_four seasons earrings flowers

Classic Green Jade - Four Seasons Earrings Flowers

Lavender Jade

Lavender jade comes in different shades of lavender, ranging from pale purple to deep plum hues. This form of jade is the second most valuable after green jade. 

Lavender jade is known as the ‘’Stone of the Angels’’. That’s because it radiates pure energies of the highest etheric spectrum and provides nourishment to the wearer. It also purifies the spirit, encouraging the wearer to let go of any anger and negative emotions, thus bringing them peace and serenity. Additionally, it will give you emotional and spiritual support, empowering you to achieve your dreams, and lifting your spirits amid chaos.

The gorgeous gemstone also endorses wisdom, intuitiveness, and insight.

Finally, lavender jade is believed to have the power to balance nerves and soothe cardiac rhythm.

Lavender Jade-Garden Peach Pendant

Lavender Jade warm your heart - Garden Peach Pendant

White Jade

White jade hues span from white and off-white to cream, pale yellow, and light brown.

White jade is considered to be a lucky stone when it comes to health, love, and business. 

Keep a white jade in your pocket to help you focus and reach your goals. What’s more, it will enhance the energy of love and encourage you to approach your partner with kindness.

But that’s not all! The beautiful stone is also known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful, helping to soothe intense emotions. Indeed, white jade promotes calmness and emotional healing and can help release you from negative thoughts and feelings that prevent you from moving forward.

And when it comes to your body, it can be used to promote bladder and kidney function and ease pain in bone and joint-related illnesses.

White Jade_white-jadeite-ring

White Jade always be there for you - White Jadeite Ring

Yellow Jade

Yellow jade has a tantalizing color that can span from light lemon through lustrous amber to dark gold.

Chinese people have been wearing yellow jade for thousands of years as it attracts good fortune and prosperity and represents loyalty, family, and friendship. Besides, the powerful gemstone can bring joy, cheerfulness, and positivity to your life.

Yellow jade is associated with Fire Energy, the Sun, and the planet Mars.

As a result, it can help to boost your self-confidence and empower you to harness your personal power. Yellow jade brings in new ideas and enables you to see things from a new and fresh perspective. It is also associated with increased awareness, assimilation, and emotional stability.

Yellow Jade-Yellow Jadeite Earrings with double bead

Yellow Jade be your happiness resource - Yellow Jadeite Earrings with double bead

What’s more, it’s believed that this beautiful stone can alleviate poor digestion, bladder and kidney issues, help detox the body and improve blood circulation.

So, with all these fantastic spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits, make sure to wear jade jewelry or carry the stone with you to feel its positive effects and attract good luck and prosperity to your life ;)


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I learned a bit of information that I believe I will retain for the rest of my years-yellow jade’s potential as a healthy support in alleviating indigestive, kidney & bladder problems + wearing it to improve the circulation of the blood flow & to support a body detox

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